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by: Chelley M.

I want you to know that my child is like your own, and I am like you.
I hope to raise a child who is a strong adult, who advocates for their beliefs, and most of all, themselves. A child who becomes an active and integral part of society.
A child who is not defined by their characteristics or activities, but shaped by them.
A child who is comfortable with who they are and their convictions, and is willing to be firm, yet graceful, in defending their rights.

But first, I want my child to have a childhood. One riddled with bug bites and tickle fights.
Nights at summer camp spent telling silly stories and roasting (burning) marshmallows.
Fall afternoons jumping in leaf piles we, as neighbors, have worked hard to collect.
Winters spent building igloos in the fresh snow and sledding down the hill at school.
Spring time with friends in the warmth of the coming season- planting a community garden or dancing in the rain.
A child who is picked to play soccer in gym, and is fearless of raising their hand in class.

I am a parent, just like you, and though my child is not physically like your own- your child is not physically like mine. I want you to know I accept your child and their abilities. I want you to know I expect you to accept my child and her abilities, too.

I want you to know my daughter. She’s different.
Aren’t we all?