The children’s book NOT TOO BIG…NOT TOO SMALL…JUST RIGHT FOR ME was written and illustrated by Jimmy and Darlene Korpai for the Understanding Dwarfism Program. The book is dedicated to their daughter Hailey and is designed as a simple way to educate others about dwarfism. The book can be viewed on this website by visiting A LITTLE STORY BOOK and is now available as a hard cover children’s book. This book can be ordered by making a suggested donation of $15.00 (if you live within the U.S.) or a $20.00 donation (if you live outside the U.S.) to the UD Program by clicking on the DONATION button on this website. If for any reason you cannot make a donation, you can CONTACT US with your address and we will send you a book at no cost.

The book is geared to teach children that we are all different in some way and we should all celebrate who we are. It explains dwarfism in a simple way and answers some of the most common questions asked by children. The book is meant to be a tool to open up conversation that can be used by anyone at home or in a classroom setting.

You can visit the WORKSHOP section of this website where teachers and parents can download coloring and activity sheets which work well with the children’s book as a complete lesson.

You can download and print the image to the left and use it in libraries and other places to advertise that the book is available. Click on image to download.