Finding clothes for a person of short stature can prove to be quite challenging. While there are a number of selections and ways to purchase clothes, it is difficult to find the right fit, style to fit one’s taste, or something that does not need to be altered. While there are over 200 different types of dwarfism, each type can pose challenges different than the next, since one person’s proportions could be different than another’s. Weight is another issue within the dwarfism community and plays another role in the challenge to find clothes that fit.

Style seems to be everything and at times defines a person. It is also another factor that one needs to consider since a person with dwarfism can average a height of 4 foot which might force them to shop in the children’s section in the store. While the section might fit a bit better, the style could be all wrong. Being an adult and wearing clothing or shoes designed for a child would not seem desirable.

Kathy D. Woods (CEO of Us-3-Fits, LLC) is a woman of faith and integrity with a vision to change the lives of the Little People community. This former pre-school teacher and entrepreneur decided to start this clothing venture with her husband Dana after years of frustration in not finding clothing that fit and paying for costly alterations. As a lady who lives with dwarfism, Kathy’s desire is to bring beautiful, fashionable, and readily available clothing to Little People globally.

As a little girl, Kathy witnessed first-hand the challenges her mother faced altering every article of clothing to fit her daughter. As an adult, Kathy’s struggles to find well-fitting and appropriate apparel continued with expensive trips to the tailor for alterations. More often than not, the altered garments became unrecognizable and all semblances to the original designs were lost.

Kathy and Dana shared these challenges with Little People globally, and they were the motivating factors driving Kathy to develop effective and elegant solutions for Little People’s ready-to-wear apparel needs.

Determined to make a difference, Kathy and Dana turned their challenge into an opportunity. In 2011 they formed Us-3-Fits, LLC an Apparel Company designing ready-to-wear clothing for the Little People community. While this endeavor will certainly help people with dwarfism find better clothes that fit, the everyday challenge continues for so many, and becomes another obstacle to overcome.

Kathy D. Woods

Us-3-Fits, LLC                                                         

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