What is the difference between Understanding Dwarfism and other organizations like LPA?

Little People of America (LPA) is the largest organization in the world geared towards improving the lives of those with dwarfism. LPA is a membership based organization that  deals with many different areas including support, awareness, medical support, adoption, conferences, membership, districts, chapters to name a few. The Understanding Dwarfism Program (UD) is geared specifically to educate the general public about dwarfism. We find creative ways to spread information and help support others who want to raise awareness on their own. While awareness and education is our main focus, UD does lend support to new parents and others to help lead them to resources that they might need or want including LPA.
The UD Program looks forward to working with Little People of America and other organizations to help meet all of our common goals of making this world a better place for those who live with dwarfism and for their families.





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