The next goal for Understanding Dwarfism is to have an educational program ready for the start of the 2014 Fall school year. This website includes a PLACE FOR KIDS that will be helpful in allowing them to better understand dwarfism. The WORKSHOP section of the website allows anyone to download worksheets for children to color and use. There is a section called HEY LOOK AT ME, where you can see what children with dwarfism are doing. It is an opportunity for children to realize that they probably have much more in common with a person they thought would be so different.

The website also includes the children’s book; Not too BIG, Not too small…JUST RIGHT FOR ME. This book is available in a printed version to bring to a child’s class or leave it in a local library. It is our belief that if you remove the mystery behind dwarfism from the classroom, the child will not have to deal with so many questions and name calling and be accepted as just another k. We focus on differences in general and how that should be celebrated. We look forward to providing a complete package to use in any child’s class to ensure that they have a great school year! Please contact us if you are interested in this package.