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Show Stopper

by Stephanie J. 

Have you ever been stared at… maybe you’ve been called names or been pointed at? Or maybe even better… have you ever been asked why you are “sssooooo small” or "what your height is?" Did you feel like a celebrity?… YOU SHOULD FEEL AS ONE, A SPECIAL ONE! My name is Stephanie Jimenez and I am 24yrs old. I have a joint disease called metatropic dysplasia and as a consequence, I am 4'4 which categorizes me as a little person or a dwarf. I have had a total of six surgeries and I am ready for more! Hahaha… not really but I know more will come. Family and friends like to call me iron woman!  I am the only one in my entire family with metatropic dysplasia. 

Living an average life style is somewhat of a struggle however it is not impossible. I like to refer to my life as a reality show, my reality show. Why? I attract an audience of all ages on a daily basis. Some days are good and some days are bad… Children stop and stare, some lose their balance and some smile and wave. Surprisingly enough adults are the funny ones! Some act worse than the children who do stare and point.   When I was young I did not realize how much attention I attracted until I saw all my friends grow up (literally) and I didn't. During grammar school I noticed I was in the sixth grade and I was as tall as a second grader. Yes, it felt weird and uncomfortable but I've learn to cope with it. You just have to smile and wave back or ask people if they are interested in learning about you. No need to feel sad or embarrassed about being who you are, about being in your body.  I’ve learned to accommodate my daily activities to the world that surrounds me, the tall world that is. At times I may be unable to reach something, go up a few flights of stairs, or carry heavy things from place to place but somehow I manage to find the strength in me. I feel as if the strength comes from the fear of not being able to accomplish the task and depend on some else. Yes it may take me some time to get certain things done but believe you and me ANYTHNIG AND EVERYTHING GETS DONE! I have a great support system and as a young adult as any young adult I enjoy meeting new people who are interested in learning more about me and little people in general. So next time you see a little person walking by, wave, smile and say HI! A smile brightens up any ones day, short or tall.