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by: Julie R..

I would want the world to know that those who walk my path, a unique path I believe, because of the legacy of myths that have created the misconceptions and preconceptions of how I am seen, who I am, or might be - Julie, the dwarf? a person with dwarfism, artist?, friend?, foe?, lover? fighter? I do not have to be either, both, all of the above, and/or more, depending on how you see me. Ultimately I want the world to know that it is my desire and my right to just be.

The labels and untruths caused by misconceptions are inhibiting and hurtful even when seemingly complimentary. I do not need nor want the trappings of myths, misconception and preconceptions to guide me or to help fulfill my purpose here on earth. As my fact-finding and identity-seeking mission evolved, I realized that once I gave myself 'permission' to just be, my soul was free to embrace all that i am and reject all that I am not. Now I would like to take that mission to level of beyond myself by opening up about the personal, its connection to the political and to the possibilities of a greater understanding about difference for those who want to know and those who need to know. 

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