by Lewy P.

My name is Lewy and I'm from South Carolina. I have Diastrophic Dysplasia, an autosomal recessive dysplasia that results in dwarfism. I am on the extreme end of short stature at 3 feet tall and I weight around 55 lbs. Both of my parents and my two older sisters are average size. I am the only person with dwarfism in my family.

Most of the complications related to my dwarfism have been orthopedic issues. I've had around 30 reconstructive surgeries throughout my life, including the last major leg reconstruction surgery at the age of 21. I was not able to walk until this procedure.  I can now walk short distances but I still use a scooter or motorized chair to get around longer distances. Not only does it replace my legs that easily tire, but it also gives me the height I need to open doors and reach things. Despite my dwarfism and the many medical procedures that I have endured, I have still lived a relatively normal life. If would say. If anything, my dwarfism is has been a blessing to me. It provided me with opportunities and an outlook on life that I may not have had otherwise,




I attended and graduated from a small private school with only 13 other classmates. I graduated in the National Honor Society, Who's Who Among High School Students and the Beta Club.  I then attended the University of South Carolina where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a cognate in Sociology and a concentration in Criminology. Next, attended Walden University for my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling. I have worked in many areas of counseling including alcohol and drug rehabilitation, Alzheimer's and dementia, developmental disorders and severe psychosis. I am also a Travel Agent, as well as do online sales of various products.

My hobbies include drawing arts and language arts. I love to draw and paint as well as write poetry, philosophy, and anything motivational. I love the outdoors, to hunt and fish. My favorite pastime on sunny days is riding my four wheeler and target shooting. Besides my art, children, and my animals, I am most passionate about traveling the world and helping the less fortunate.

On a typical day, I notice more that I have in common with others than I notice my differences. My dwarfism is all that I have ever known so it's not exactly something I feel that I had to overcome. I think others have a harder time accepting my differences than I ever did. In fact, I've never thought of my dwarfism as the issue. If I could not reach something it is because the object is too high and I am too short and have nothing to climb on to reach it.. That is a problem that has a solution. There is no solution to dwarfism. With anyone, there are optimal ways to adapting to the environment and circumstances., it just so happens that with dwarfism, I am forced to be more efficient when it comes to adapting to the environment than the average individual.

The blessing of being a little person is that it forces me to be accountable of my opinions and acceptance of others. I see so many people with hang ups. They do not like someone because of their skin color, size, sexual orientation  or simply their style of clothing or hygiene. I even know some very hypocritical little people that think the same way. I stress, hypocritical because if you are short because you have dwarfism and you dislike someone else based on their appearance or difference, then you are the biggest (no pun intended) hypocrite out there! I like people that are accountable for their own actions. These are the type of people with whom I choose to associate. I am thankful that I was born with such a difference that it would allow me to see the world from this perspective!



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