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The Understanding Dwarfism website is focused on raising awareness and educating people who are unfamiliar with dwarfism. We are looking to take a simple approach in hope to gain people’s attention long enough for them to get a better understanding through facts and personal stories. These personal stories are what we hope makes a connection with others and allows them to see the person(s) behind the word dwarfism. It is a way for people to relate and get a better understanding of what is like to live with dwarfism. I often ask people: If you had the world’s attention for 2 minutes, what would you want them to know?

We are looking for contributions from people of all ages, preference, race and ethnic backgrounds, cultures and diagnosis from around the world who live with dwarfism and from siblings, parents and others who relate to a person with dwarfism. Below are a few categories that we are looking to base written contributions on:

Welcome to My World (A look into your world and what it is like to be you)

A Medical View (Your medical story to give others a better idea of the medical side of dwarfism)

My Family (Looking for different families to share their story, LP, AP, adopted etc.)

Perspectives (Your perspective on a subject revolving around dwarfism)

Pointing, Staring and labels (How this affects a person, how does this affect you?)

What I want you to Know (What do you want the world to know….anything!)

Feel free to contribute anything that you want even if it does not fit any of the above categories. The objective is to give others different viewpoints that collectively tell the story about dwarfism. Each contribution will include first name and last initial (or can be unanimous) State, country and a few photos to personalize the story. Here is your opportunity to share your thoughts and who you are with the world with the world. You can see a few examples of what others contributed in the PERSPECTIVES section of this site.

If you are interested please contact us at

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Thanks                                                                                                                                                                         

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