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MEGAN: Metatropic Dysplasia

Hi my name is Megan. I am a full time college student. I am an education major. I hope to one day teach kindergarten. My goal is to show kids that they can do anything that they want to and let no one stop them in chasing their dreams. It has not been an easy journey to get where I am at today. I have been diagnosed with Metatropic Dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. Its exact prevalence is unknown. More than 80 affected individuals have been reported in the scientific literature. The term "metatropic" is derived from the Greek word "metatropos," which means "changing patterns." This name reflects the fact that the skeletal irregularities associated with the condition change over time. The signs and symptoms of metatropic dysplasia can vary from relatively mild to life-threatening.

Many places affected are your back and neck.  Metatropic dysplasia includes flattened bones of the spine; excessive movement of spinal bones in the neck that can damage the spinal cord; either a sunken chest or a protruding chest.  Also affected are your legs, resulting in a crouched stance. Hands can be affected has well, resulting in loose and flexible fingers.  Beginning early in life, affected individuals can also develop a degenerative form of arthritis that causes joint pain and further restricts movement. A person can have multiple surgeries to correct some of these issues. During my childhood I did many things such as danced on a dance team, ice skated, adaptive horseback riding, and rode a bike. Even though affected I still did many things just like everyone else. Today, I use an electric scooter for long distances. I need help with dressing and showering. Having Metatropic Dysplasia has not stopped me from achieving my dreams.      


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