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by: Monique C.

"How old are you?"..."How tall are you?"...."Do you wear kids clothes?"
"How do you drive?"..."How do you go to the bathroom?"
"How do you have sex?"   Yes...I have been asked that, seems like they missed health class?..."Do you know how short you are?!"..."How do you live?"...."I bet life is hard for you."  ... No, it's actually not, but thanks for assuming.   "You're cute"..."You're so small"..."How could you ever raise a child?"..."Why would you want a child like you?"..."Would you really want to bring a child into this world to suffer like you have?"..."Can I take your picture?"  - No, you may not.   "How's the weather down there?"......
"I could not date someone like you."..."I don't think of Monique as datable"..."I'm so glad I'm not short like her"..."I'd hate to be like her"..."I'm so glad my child is not like her..."

Well, here you go, all of the questions and statements I have heard, some funny, some puzzling, some inappropriate, and some which have broken my heart like being non-datable or having my womanhood and capability of being a good mother questioned.
If I had a dollar for every time any of these were said or asked, I could put a down payment for a condo.

The sad thing is, what makes my life hard are rude people and assumptions about my life...I only "suffer" from other people's ignorance, and fellow adults who should know better, not my height, or my surgeries, just good old ignorance.
I want to fight for social equality and I want to educate others...Sad thing is, social equality and politeness only come after educating instead of happening automatically. 
It's important for all of us to think before we speak and to not think less of others or count them out because they look different.  Lastly save pity for those who truly deserve it which I can assure you, I and others like me do not.   Don't admire me and don't pity me, just think of me like everyone else.   That is what I'd truly love.