Paul and Gabor love all sorts of adventures like biking, hiking, traveling, caves, rock climbing and survivor camps. Their adventures continue in everyday life with being on the radio, or in the workplace working with 500 kids daily.

They started a motivational group called Little People Big Challenges in Hungary. It is a group to show that people with dwarfism can live a full life with adventures of any kind. They focus on motivating other Hungarian people with dwarfism to set higher goals and to travel or attend their adventures

 Gabor is a tour guide, so he always manages and makes the plans since he is a great organizer. Although they make plans, they often make changes or add places to visit. They often make new friendships during their tours with many people starting conversations with them and being amazed with their trips. Most of the time a tour or adventure, as they call them, can take 2 to 4 days and sometimes up to a week. The weekend tours involve getting to the destination in the evening.  Saturdays are the big days, when they spend most of the day doing the longest distance toward their goal destination.  Sunday is the day when they have to reach their goal and then it is starting the journey back home. Back home to the adventures of everyday life.


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