Patrick loved to play hockey in the living room at home all the time.  Choosing to play hockey was a natural progression from soccer which became a challenge as other players, who were much taller, were getting much faster than Patrick.  Patrick began his hockey career playing street hockey.  He was the goalie and a player in his 1st season and then found a home in goal.   Patrick’s team won their championship and his team cheered his name at the end of the final game.  

Soon the net grew but Patrick didn’t mirror the difference and found it difficult to cover the increase.  In an effort to find a way to compete we found a roller hockey league.  One very important discovery was that in roller hockey they don’t check as they do in ice hockey.  We quickly found that Patrick was a natural skater.  What a time to move to Buffalo.  Hockey, hockey, hockey.  We found several places in which Patrick could play. 

Parental anxiety was on high alert as we entered the arena for the first time.  First the Looks, and then the questions, the ignorant sighs and words of comfort followed by the explanations as to how I should handle the raising of my child.  Thankfully, as any seasoned LP parent should be, I was prepared and used the opportunity to educate as many as could.  Patrick’s teammates welcomed him and began to engulf him with respect as they found that he is a true competitor.  Patrick’s quickly gain their admiration with his effort and determination. Now, Patrick plays several times a week and even though the size difference has begun to exacerbate, he continues to excel.  Hockey??? A great choice.

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