For Kate and Steve, making chocolates is about so much more than just making is in their DNA. Kate and Steve were part of a TLC series, "The Little Chocolatiers," that aired a couple of years ago.

 Kate moved from Chicago to Utah after just finishing Baking & Pastry School. Eventually she learned how to do hand made chocolates from Steve's dad.  Hatch Family Chocolates comes from generations of making chocolates in Steve's family. In 1917 Grandma became a professional chocolate dipper. Since then, four generations of her children and grandchildren have been instructed in the techniques of hand dipping chocolates and making quality candies. Steve and Kate had talked about opening a dessert/sweet shop and one thing led to another and they opened shop 11 years ago, continuing the chocolates, along with other confections, ice cream, coffees, etc.

 Friends and business partners, Kate and Steve, love working with chocolate for a few reasons. It is something that makes people happy, it satisfies the soul. It keeps you on your toes, for there is a bit of science and patience when working with it... It also can be meditative when working with it, and challenges your creative drive. They are producing an experience, one that provides joy to others.

 Hatch Family Chocolates has a website where they sell some products, as well as a little wholesale to other local businesses including a restaurant at the Salt Lake City Airport. A few local restaurants use ice cream which they make in house. They are in process of looking at other options... including actively seeking to bottle their Hot Fudge Sauce and Caramel Sauce. They also host Outdoor Movies in the summer for the community, bringing 400 people on average and try to participate in local community events such as a recent Chocolate Festival at the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City and public radio events.

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