Monique Johnson Biography The inspiration for Made 2 Soar came from the creative and highly driven motivator, Monique Johnson. Born in Manhattan, New York, and the second oldest of five children, Johnson has been a stand out in her family since birth. Raised in Winston Salem, NC Johnson’s intelligence, wit and tenacity quickly earned her the role as the strategic debater of the family. Noted for the effortless finesse in her delivery to prove her point, Johnson found interest in advocating and speaking out for others. By curating that passion and overcoming obstacles of her own, Johnson realized that her gift of humor, painting and motivational speaking was profoundly empowering. With this, she set out to embark on a mission to inspire the world.

Johnson stands uniquely at only two feet in stature but gigantically tall in wisdom and insight. Receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University, she soared on to earn her law degree from Elon University's School of Law in 2012.

After graduating from law school, Johnson was inspired by her own story and combined her vision and business acumen to found Made 2 Soar, LLC. Her outspoken and often hilarious approach to challenging topics has kept her audiences engaged and many news platforms, including FOX and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, interested in her work. She has been invited as a keynote speaker for numerous events supporting education, diversity initiatives in corporate entities and athletics. Plain and simple, she has a heart for people from all walks of life.

Every day Johnson arises with the challenge of reaching someone new; without forgetting that her ultimate goal is always to help someone realize that they were truly Made 2 Soar.



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