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 We are the Allen family (the fabulous 5) as we sometimes refer to ourselves.  Our family consist of Andre Sr, Andre Jr, Jayden, Amaya, and me, Danell.   Learning and having fun is a basic value that is true to our family.  We focus on supporting each other through any obstacles, and loving each other unconditionally.  So, let me introduce you to each one of the fabulous 5... First, is Andre Sr.  An amazing father who loves his kids, works hard to educate his children and ensure that they are prepared for whatever life brings.  Then there is me, Danell, the mother and wife to this lovely group.  My family means the world to me and making sure that all of them are healthy and happy is my focus.  Now the fun part, the kids!  Andre Jr. is an amazing 7 year old boy.  He enjoys making paper airplanes, sometimes too many of them, and playing with his younger brother and sister.  He plays soccer and loves being in school.  Then there is little Amaya.  The baby of the family, she is clearly the diva of the fabulous 5.  She is also very sweet and loves to cuddle and watch movies.  And last but certainly not least, Jayden... Jayden is the center of the family.  He is the calmest sweetest child you would ever meet.  Born with Achondroplasia, he holds a spirit within him that I've never seen before.  He enjoys practicing his kung fu (hi-ya!), playing on his tablet, and standing on his head (yes, standing on his head).  Jayden has always been the child who just figures it out.  He never complains that he cannot reach something, he just figures out how to get it!  Always smiling, he is a great influence on all of us, for the strength that comes from within a 4 year old.

Our family is strong and committed to being there for each other.  We will continue to go through this life, day by day, but we know that as long as we have each other, we have the perfect life...

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