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The Johnston Family! We are a family of seven, who happen to all have Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Trent is a second generation little person. I myself was born to an all average size family with no history of dwarfism. Trent and I have been married for over 15 years and met 19 years ago through LPA. Jonah, our first born, is 14 years old and thoroughly enjoys playing percussion in the marching band. Anna, our first adopted, is 13 years old and is very passionate about make-up and beauty. Elizabeth, our second born, is 12 years old and has extreme compassion for all. Alex, the baby and third adopted, is 8 years old and our little engineer. Emma, our final adopted, is 8 years old and our wonderful wild child.
        Trent works outside the home as a Supervisor of Grounds at a state college and I am a full-time mother. As a family, we enjoy taking on physical projects, traveling, and trying new things. Our family eats dinner around the table together every evening. This is our daily "family time" during the ever so busy week. Truly as a family, we are blessed beyond measure!

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