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My Husband Francis and I have been together for twenty years and married for eighteen. We were high school sweethearts and now have two handsome sons. DeMichael who is 17 and is in the eleventh grade. He just recently got a job at Kohl's and also recently started driving. My youngest son Dominick just turned 9 years old and is in the 3rd grade. He loves Legos and being outside. Both of my boys love to swim. We enjoy our family vacations, weekend outings, and just spending time with one another. My husband is average size as well as my youngest son Dominick. My oldest son and myself are both Little People with Achondroplasia. We are a beautiful interracial family with a lot of love. My husband Francis is a fuel truck driver on a very large Naval base. He delivers gas to the different air crafts, helicopters, & buildings. I am a communication specialist, also known as a 911 dispatcher. I train new employees, take emergency calls, assist the local citizens and work crazy shift hours. We currently live in Southern MD.

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