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We are looking to show the world the many different types of people that make up families within the dwarfism community. Many people do not know that some people with dwarfism marry average sized people. Some do not know that while one child can have dwarfism, another child by the same parents can be of average height. Some families choose to adopt from other countries and some families are made up of same sex marriages.  These factors add to how unique our community truly is and we want to share this with others so they can better understand dwarfism.

We are looking for a few paragraphs written by one person from the family describing the members of the family along with a little bit about who your family is, what you all do and what makes you “family.” You might include what are some hobbies, occupations, family activities, and educational backgrounds, what you all like to do etc. Who is your family? We would like to post a few photos of your family with your written portion. It is time to celebrate and share with others what makes you FAMILY.  If you have a different family makeup that you would like included on the UD website, please send us the information above to

We are looking to post 1 (possible 2) of each scenario. Some ideas that we are looking for are:

families that consist of all members with dwarfism

families that have both average sized and short statured members

families that adopt children from their country and other countries

families with inter racial members

families of same sex marriages

families that include members with different types of dwarfism

families with twins, average and LP children

families from all around the world from different cultures

families with single parents or long distance relationships                                                                                                                   

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