My Medical Story: Ivy

Our daughter Ivy is a smart, sweet, and creative 5 year old who has Achondroplasia. She loves reading, playing with her dolls, ballet class, and playing outside.

In October 2013, Ivy had a set of x-rays on her legs and a routine appointment with her orthopedic surgeon. The x-rays and consultation with the doctor confirmed that Ivy's legs had grown to be significantly bowed, which can be a common problem for individuals with Achondroplasia. Because of the bowing, the presence of fibular thrust when she walked, and the pain Ivy felt after extended periods of activity, it was determined that she needed osteotomy surgery to straighten her legs and hopefully alleviate the increasing pain she was feeling.

 The osteotomies were performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in November 2013. Ivy spent two nights in the hospital, followed by 8 weeks in long leg casts. Throughout her recovery, Ivy felt little pain. Once the casts were removed, she was tasked with teaching herself to walk again, and is making great progress toward this on what she calls her "new legs." We are so proud of our brave, strong girl!

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