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The Understanding Dwarfism Program is dedicated to educating and raising awareness about dwarfism. It also acts as a support program to assist those who wish to educate and raise awareness about dwarfism on their own. We lend support through our outreach program by offering creative ways to maximize other people's efforts. This is done by networking, offering printed materials, banners, displays, a web site, information, and support to create a uniform and attractive means to  raise awareness. We believe educating is the most effective tool to allow people to gain an understanding and the best way to improve the lives of those who live with a type of dwarfism.

Together we can reach higher goals, even if it takes educating the world one person at a time. Whether it is in a classroom or on the world-wide stage, please contact us to find out how we can help maximize your awareness efforts. Below are a few options that are currently available. Please check back in the near future for updates. We welcome suggestions to making this program or yours most successful.


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Understanding Dwarfism cards are wallet sized cards that fold out and offers basic facts on dwarfism and the website and Facebook address. They can be given out to anyone you meet, in the classroom or at work. Because of their size, the ability to educate at any time is right in your pocket, wallet or purse.

 Order cards at:


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Understanding Dwarfism postcards are 5.47” x 4.21” (standard size postcard) with an attractive front side and offers basic facts on dwarfism on the back side along with the website and Facebook address. They can be given out to anyone you meet, in the classroom or at work. They offer a larger image and print than the folded business cards.

 Order postcards at:


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The Understanding Dwarfism tri-fold brochure introduces people to the program while offering basic facts on dwarfism.  They can be given out to anyone you meet, in the classroom or at work.

*** One sleeve of the tri-fold brochure (basic facts section) can be customized with your story or event. This is a custom order and helps tell your story while raising awareness. You need to contact us direct to order.

 Order brochures at:


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The Understanding Dwarfism tri-fold Terminology brochure explains the basics behind correct terminology. We recognize the importance of using the correct terminology, the impact that it has, and the lack of understanding outside the dwarfism community. These brochures explain the history and origin of a word, explains why it is inappropriate and offers the preferred language. They can be give out to anyone you meet, in the classroom or at work.

 Order brochures at:


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We have a variety of banners, posters and table settings to offer. These items will give your educational presentation a professional look to either attract attention and draw people to your table or to provide a visual image along with the website address. These items can be shipped to you for your event and returned to us to be used by the next person. If you have an interest in any visual assistance please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


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T-shirts are a great way to advertise a product or web site. They allow people to be walking billboards. If you feel that you attract attention, why not divert that attention to a means of education? Lead people to the Understanding Dwarfism website with these attractive T-shirt designs.

Contact us by e-mail to find out if shirts are available.


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Understanding Dwarfism has come up with worksheets and a Children's book that can be used in a classroom or other setting to help educate and entertain children.

Click Here to see and download worksheets.

Contact us by e-mail for information on the Children's book.

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