We are looking for descriptions of all the different types of dwarfism so people can see what make them different from each other. We are looking to represent each type of dwarfism by a person who has provided us with a little bit about themselves, a description of their type of dwarfism and a little bit about what it is like to live with that type of dwarfism. We want the descriptions to be simple so that anyone can understand and for each contribution to have a personal touch…not out of a textbook.

 If your type of dwarfism is not yet listed on the website, and you would be interested in being part of the UD website, please contact us. We can guide you along the way and if you are not a writer, we can help you get it done. We hope to represent all types of dwarfism with your help.

If you are interested please contact us at james@understandingdwarfism.com

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Thanks                                                                      

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