What is the difference between the UD website and the UD Facebook page?

The Understanding Dwarfism website is designed to be a source of information and a means to better understand dwarfism through personal contributions from people who live with and deal with the dwarfism community. It acts as a central hub for people to refer others to so that they can learn and educate themselves. The website does not include links to other sites because it is our hope to keep people’s focus and attention on the content of this website for as long as possible. We understand that we only have a person’s attention for a limited time and do not want to divert them from an opportunity to educate. We also do not feel that it is appropriate for us to choose which links are placed on the site since the site is an overall representation of the dwarfism community which has different views and opinions.

The Understanding Dwarfism Facebook page is a tool for the UD Program to share information and stories with the rest of the world. We collect stories and accept contributions from others as a means to help others better understand dwarfism. While the website is a stationary source of information, the UD Facebook page allows us to be current and share stories and information as it happens. It is a place to celebrate our differences, show our contributions to society and allow others to see the people behind the label of “dwarfism.”



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