The Mark Vogel Memorial Foundation was established in Mark’s memory to support and raise dwarfism awareness. Understanding Dwarfism and the Mark Vogel Memorial Foundation have supported each other in raising awareness about dwarfism. Donations to the Understanding Dwarfism program have been made by the Foundation in Mark’s name. Because of the enormous amount of support from the MV Foundation and the Vogel family, we are honored to dedicate the PLACE for KIDS section of the website to Mark Vogel.  May his name live forever and forever be remembered as making a difference for so many children.


Almost 11 years ago my brother, Mark Vogel, passed away due to a spinal stenosis surgery. Mark had Achondroplasia which is the most common form of dwarfism. Growing up was not always the easiest thing for him, but that never stopped him from accomplishing things he wanted to achieve.  He was not only my brother, but was a brother to all other fire fighters he had worked with throughout his life. He was named “New Jersey’s States Smallest Fire Fighter”. Mark only lived to the age of 33. In those 33 years he accomplished so much. Becoming a fire fighter was not an easy task, but he overcame his fears and fulfilled his goal. He prospered in almost every goal he shot for. He is not only a role model to me but to my daughters. He had the type of personality to where he would be there for you in a heartbeat. Mark was a great man and will always be remembered in all of our hearts. He was short statured is size but twice the man in character. 

-Fred Vogel