Why is a program like Understanding Dwarfism important?

A program like Understanding Dwarfism is important for many reasons. The main focus is to raise awareness and educate the general public about dwarfism. This is necessary since most people never have the chance to see or meet a person with dwarfism. This allows for people to misjudge or view people with dwarfism based on the stereotypes and stigmas often portrayed in the media, entertainment industry or through folklore.

Not knowing or having no outlet to gain knowledge and understanding leads to misconceptions that affect not only the dwarfism community, but the community as a whole, as stereotypes are not only damaging to those they take aim at but also to those who believe them. The UD Program does not stop at just offering basic facts since dwarfism goes far beyond that. The Program offers view points, perspectives, general knowledge and a source or knowing how people live with their challenges and accomplishments. The opportunity to understand gives us all a sense of equality and a better chance to succeed and live a fulfilling life.

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